For site managers and savvy property owners, bore water drilling has become a necessity. If it is something you have never thought of before, you need to start doing so, especially if you own a property. Borehole drilling provides access to fresh and reliable water, meaning that you do not have to rely on other sources. It is mainly the case for property owners that use a lot of water to meet daily needs. However, you need to know a few facts about bore water drilling before you begin the process of hiring a contractor.

Mandatory Water Testing 

Decades ago, when ground pollution was not much of a problem, you could get away with drinking underground water right after drilling a borehole. However, today, it is not the case because water testing has become a mandatory requirement when drilling a borehole. The reason is that underground water must first be tested to determine its suitability for consumption. It is mainly the case if there are industrial plants or pit latrines near your borehole. Water testing examines underground water for traces of contaminants or mineral levels. Most importantly, water from your borehole must be tested by a reputable laboratory.

Sharing Boreholes 

Even if the aquifers on your property are shallow, bore water drilling still costs money. Therefore, if you want to drill a borehole next to your home, you must be financially prepared. However, the return on investment is relatively high because a borehole significantly reduces your household bills. That said, the fact that you can share borehole water among different properties means you can share the costs involved. Thus, it is advisable to talk to your neighbours and sell the idea of drilling a borehole for the community. Some of your neighbours will pounce on the opportunity to lower their monthly water bills and will not mind contributing resources, cutting down the cost of drilling.

Water Storage 

Whether you rely on water from the mains or rainwater for your domestic needs, a storage tank is essential. It helps you store as much water as possible so that you do not struggle when there is a shortage. However, you do not have to worry about installing a storage tank if you have a properly constructed borehole. The reason is that a well-maintained borehole can last several generations. For instance, some aquifers can gain up to 50 feet of water per year. It means that your borehole can meet your domestic water needs regardless of usage. 

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