Today, there is an increased need for renewable sources of energy and solar power is an option that many people and businesses are considering. However, harnessing the power of daylight calls for the installation of solar panels, something that many homeowners only consider after building their homes. 

Don't want to have solar panels installed on the roof of your main house? If you are concerned with the way solar panels may compromise the beauty of your home exteriors, you can rest easy. This is because there are many aesthetically pleasing ways to install solar panels in your home. Check out these two creative ways to install solar panels in your home without sacrificing the kerb appeal of the property.

Solar Panels on Top of the Porch

Porches offer an excellent area to install solar panels while creating attractive home exteriors. You can choose to install the panels over an already existing porch or you can have a porch custom-built with solar panel installation in mind. This set-up can be small enough to meet outdoor lighting needs or big enough to power your entire home. Also, a solar patio cover that is attached or adjacent to the house creates a seamless indoor-to-outdoor living space transition that is aesthetically adequate for your home.

Solar Panels as a Pergola Cover 

If your residential roof lacks the room for the number of solar panels you prefer, a pergola covered with overhead solar panels is perhaps one of the best bill-cutting solutions you've been looking for. 

Acting as a cover for your pergola, solar panels will not only meet your energy needs but will also offer a stylish way to provide shade in an outdoor living space that provides a beautiful home exterior. These dual-use structures offer a great way to move solar panels from your roof while still gaining the benefits of going solar. 

However, it's important to consider that your pergola will require customised construction to optimise solar energy generation. Although they come at a price, these stand-alone structures will make for an aesthetically appealing upgrade that is both unique and futuristic.

Solar panel installation is an awesome way to lower (and potentially eliminate) energy bills, but this doesn't mean you should sacrifice the beauty of your main house. Consider the options above and enjoy the benefits of solar panel installation without the associated aesthetic issues. Talk to a solar panel installation expert today to find out the solutions they have for you.