If you're planning to stage a significant but one-off event to celebrate a particular occasion, then you will be taking steps to ensure that you get the appropriate permission. This event will feature live music and you know that there are some residential communities nearby, so you have to be realistic and know what type of challenge you are likely to face. Why do you need to get an environmental noise assessment before you proceed, and how can you take advantage of new technologies to best present your case?

Your Challenge Ahead

An event of this nature will almost certainly require planning permission from your local authorities. These regulators will be very concerned about noise and may be tempted to set an arbitrary decibel limit as soon as they hear about your plans. Of course, you will want to make sure that your event is a success and that attendees can enjoy the individual performance, so you need to present your case carefully at the same time.

Noise Management Plan

You will definitely need to ensure that you have a proper noise management plan, even if this event has never taken place at this particular location. To create this plan carefully, you will need the help of experts who can interpret the type of licence that you're likely to get and do some projections based on the present criteria.

Software-Based Prediction

For example, you may be able to use noise prediction and mapping software that is very sophisticated and remarkably accurate. The engineer will gather all the details carefully to include the sound system specification, the topography of the site and the distance from the nearest community. This software will be able to predict how the sound will spread out from the source and what type of challenge it may present both nearby and up to several kilometres away.

Amending Your Plans

You will be able to look at various different options which may help you configure the sound stage or decide where you will place the individual speakers. If you rotate the speakers through a certain angle, then this may make a considerable difference and alleviate any worries. Crucially, this type of modelling can be done well in advance of the event and can prevent you from running into any issues on the day simply because you did not know how things might pan out.

Crucial Preparation

Make sure that you talk to environmental noise management engineers. They may well have worked with the local authority in question and can help you to get the right type of licence for your big event.